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Might-E Truck

Might-E Truck is a Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) ideal for use as an off-road work vehicle at campuses, malls, resorts, parks, airports and industries. Designed for low maintenance cost Might-E Truck outperforms combustion vehicles both financially and mechanically.

Might-E Tug

Might-E Tug is a multipurpose electric towing unit designed to move a variety of carts, bins and equipment. The Might-E Tug is available in 24-Volt standard-duty and super-duty models with a maximum pulling capacity of 2,000 and 7,000 lbs.

NEW! Might-E Cart

Might-E Cart

The Might-E Cart is an electric powered utility cart for both indoor and outdoor use.  The Might-E Cart works well in a range of applications: industrial /warehouse, hospital and outdoor garden. Simple and safe controls make this unit easy for all to operate. Highly maneuverable, the Might-E Cart fits through standard doors and steers easily in tight spaces. Available in 24-Volt standard-duty and super-duty models with maxium load capacities of 400 and 800lbs.

Beetle Conversion Kit

Including Motor, Controller,Charger, Control Box, Motor Adapter, Battery Boxes, etc.

Everything you need to convert a VW New Beetle in one kit.

Over 100 km range

140 km/hr hwy speed

Ford Ranger Fleet Vehicle

A bolt-in system utilizing AC drive and Lithium batteries for conversion of existing 2000-2009 fleet Rangers to pure electric power. Converting a Ford Ranger from gas to electric reduces CO2 emissions from 16.2 tonnes CO2/40,000 km to zero. Designed to meet the daily needs of a typical fleet truck with a range of 80-120 km per charge. Converting a Ranger is a smart way to recycle existing gas trucks to zero emission fleet vehicles.