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Ice Resurfacer Conversion

Canadian Electric Vehicles has developed a bolt-in system utilizing AC drive and Lithium batteries for conversion of an existing gas or propane ice resurfacer to pure electric power. Converting an ice resurfacer to electric is a smart and economical way to recycle existing ice resurfacers to zero emission vehicles.

Conversion Kit for Models 520 / 525 / 526:

• 50 hp AC Drive System

• 28 kW of Lithium Batteries

• On-board 5 kW Charger

• Recharge time after single cleaning: 1hr from 220 V/30 A

•Capable of 6 cleanings before a recharge is needed but recommended to be charged after each use

• J1172 charge inlet - plugs into standard EV charging station

• 30 A 12 V supply to run accessories

• Very little weight change over propane/gas powered resurfacer

• Drives and performs the same as a propane/gas powered resurfacer. The converted resurfacer has regenerative braking which slows the resurfacer down when the throttle is released just like the compression braking of the original engine.

• Very low maintenance

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