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Adapters including Hub and Hardware are $875.00 in stock ready for next day shipping

CEV Ford 2.8, 2.9 & 4L Adapter

Adapter MAY fit (please check PDF drawings below to confirm):

  • Ranger 2.8 2.9 4L
  • TVR 280i/Tasmin
  • TVR S Series
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Bronco II
  • Ford Aerostar
  • Ford Pinto
  • Mercury Bobcat
  • Mercury Capri
  • Ford Mustang II
  • Ford Granada
  • Ford Capri III
  • Ford Sierra
  • Ford Scorpio
  • Bandvagn 206
  • Reliant Scimitar (1979 onwards)
  • Panther Kallista
  • TVR S2/S3(C)/S4C
  • Ford Bronco II
  • Ford Ranger
  • Ford Sierra XR 4X4
  • Ford Granada
  • Ford Transit
  • Merkur Scorpio
  • Panther Kallista
  • Ford Ranger/Mazda B-Series
  • Ford Explorer/Mazda Navajo
  • Cross Lander 244X
  • Ford Aerostar (19901997)
  • Saab 96 v4
  • Saab 95 v4
  • Saab Sonett V4
  • Saab Sonett III

Dimensional Drawing - To confirm this adapter fits your transmission (PDF)
Dimensional Drawing - To confirm this Ranger 2.8 2.9 4L 6 bolt hub fits your flywheel (PDF)
Dimensional Drawing - To confirm this Ranger 4L 8 bolt hub fits your flywheel (PDF)

All adapters retain use of original clutch and fit HPEV AC35 and up, WARP and ADC Motors with B-Face and 1 1/8" keyed shaft.

If you would like a detailed estimate with the cost of the parts we have for your conversion, please e-mail us with your vehicle specifications:
Year, Make/Model, Size of Engine, Manual/Automatic/Power Steering/Air Conditioning and the country you reside in.

Some adapter plates may have more or less bolt holes than your make and model of vehicle requires.
As some adapters span a broad range of model years the adapter is designed to have enough bolt holes to be compatible with all model designs.