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Industrial and Commercial Vehicles

e-Carriage for NYC Central Park

"This past week, we unveiled the 2014 Horseless e-Carriage at the NYC International Auto Show. This car, which you helped us build, quite simply, stole the show! I would like to take a moment to thank you for your hard work and contributions.  Our deadlines got tight, moments stressful - but each of you, and the skills and products you represent - helped make this car a reality.

Jason Wenig, The Creative Workshop

Canadian Electric Vehicles provided a complete pre-wired system, custom wiring schematics and technical support.

Electric Bobcat

Canadian Electric Vehicles has converted a number of Bobcats over the years. This 2014 model was converted for a customer in the British Virgin Islands.


Ice Resurfacer

Canadian Electric Vehicles has developed a bolt-in system utilizing AC drive and Lithium batteries for conversion of an existing gas or propane ice resurfacer to pure electric power. Converting an ice resurfacer to electric is a smart and economical way to recycle existing ice resurfacers to zero emission vehicles. (Click on the picture below for the conversion specs)

Three Wheeled Police Vehicle

Canadian Electric Vehicles designed the drive system and built the pre-production prototype.