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Might-E Cart Customers:

Wendy - Near Alert Bay, BC

Very impressed with it from every angle....and my husband Bill loves it too even though he was very diffident about the whole idea of yet another Garden Cart for me!

Love the controls - very straight forward, easy to learn in a few seconds, love the red brake pad in the middle, love the fact that same switch forward also runs the reverse in opposite direction, love the fact the key is on the underside for its protection (yes, I have removed the second key for safe keeping already!)

Love the energy % guide on top, have yet to charge it up on battery - it now shows half full after usage for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Love the idea of the hooter (not used yet as no-one here on island right now - great!)

LOVE THE silence when it walks along and my Blue Heeler has not barked once - NO noise with its battery sound as my other cart always makes - great!)

Love the SIZE of the yellow plastic bin - excellent, it took our two blue totes side by side plus other items, what a surprise! Later trips using it to beach I added my bungee cords and they looped over to hold the contents....piles of lumber, very well.

Love the two grips on the handle, so sensible! Love the speed it goes at.

Love the weight it will carry. I loaded with 2 heavy totes, plus other stuff on first try up from beach to our lot. Impossible to weigh contents then. Next loads contained lumber which I did weight and came to 8 long planks about 68 lbs only total - effortless - so lots more weight to get up to the 400 lb. limit. It went up our steep slope to house very well.

Altogether I, and I can now add WE....are totally impressed with it! Very sturdily made and it should last us our lifetime at least :))