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Might-E Truck Customers:

Town of Banff

The Town of Banff is committed to finding ways to reduce our footprint in Canada’s first, and most famous (and, some say, finest) national park. We care deeply about our spectacular, and sensitive,  mountain environment and air quality, so the Might-E Truck is perfect addition to our operations. The right-hand drive option keeps our operator off the street while doing garbage pickup.

Oakland Museum of California

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) has transformed their Might-E Truck into a mobile museum. Designed by Martin Sprouse and Dan Rosenfield in collaboration with Museum curators "The Oakland Rover" will travel throughout California bringing hands-on engaging exhibits into the community.


University of Victoria

District of Tofino

We are very excited about this new addition, stated Mayor John Fraser, as a signatory to the Climate Action Charter, the District of Tofino is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2012. This initiative is the first of many concrete steps to reaching our target for greenhouse gas reduction. By replacing an old conventional combustion engine vehicle with the Might-E Truck, we have reduced our annual GHG emissions by almost seven metric tons of carbon dioxide.

The District of Tofino Council unanimously passed a resolution to use part of the Gas Tax Fund to purchase a Might-E Truck. The Might-E Truck replaces a 1999 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Van, which produces an estimated 6864 kilograms of CO2 per year.

Vancouver Airport

Cathay Pacific

At Work on Mayne Island

"The Might-E-Tuck carries all my tools and equipment very well and keeps it dry. I drove 46m (77km) on Friday, that is three trips across the island and back. My usual day is half that distance. I keep the truck plugged in everywhere I stop to work in order to allow me to drive all day. Thanks for your help in keeping me mobile, I love my truck."

Wesley Mulvin
Southern Gulf Electric
Mayne Island

City of Colwood

"Sparky the Electric Truck is going to be famous! Hes going to be on the website of the Minister of State for Climate Action."

Michael Baxter, P. Eng.,
City Engineer
City of Colwood

Dave Heinlein

"Randy, here are some pics of my current farm cleaning project. Last winter's storms brought down quite a few limbs and small trees. My standard sideboards are the 2x10s into the stake pockets. The side and rear rack you built for me made the full height plywood box a simple and stable adaptation. The dirty truck isn't too "spiffy" but my gravel road living makes clean anything a very short term proposition."

Crested Butte Parks and Recreation

Resort Municipality of Whistler

"Thought I would take a moment to give you some feedback on the Mighty-E Truck to date. So far the Village crews are very happy with the performance of the vehicle and the run-time of the batteries. We had a pretty good chance to test the unit this past winter in fairly substantial snow conditions which we have not seen in the valley for a few years. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, it was great to see. The truck seemed to handle the snowy conditions very well and the batteries lasted for a full eight + hour shift, something our last electric vehicle could not do.

We are very pleased with this product and the service we have received from Canadian Electric Vehicles. It makes our jobs that much easier. Thanks again for all the customer support your company provides."

Thank you
John Gysbers
Manager of Central Services
Resort Municipality of Whistler
Member Partner, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Toronto Zoo

"I thought you might be interested to see how we modified the unit for Materials Collection at the Zoo... The attached pics show her with her summer clothes on. In the winter, she sports a stylish Sander/Salter and keeps the walkways and paths of the Zoo clear of ice and snow.

Working great through all weather conditions, and there are no complaints whatsoever from the staff."

Steve Gilday, Toronto Zoo

Village of Alert Bay

This is Public Works employee Frank Smith. Frank is using the truck all summer to pack grounds keeping equipment and gear. During the winter months, the truck is used in the Recycling Department and as a general runabout.

Councillor Paul Friesen calls the truck an example of Alert Bay's commitment to sustainability. Public Works Foreman Wayne Gauthier is pleased with truck and finds it Suitable for a number of uses within his department.

Madeline McDonald
Administrator, Village of Alert Bay