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Might-E Tug Customers

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital:

"We have been using the tuggers at NRGH for the pulling of our linen totes ( both soiled and clean). Staff then inquired if they could use them for the pulling of the large linen supply carts. We had hitches installed on our linen supply carts and staff use them all the time for the moving of these carts. We are now looking forward to having hitches put on the food service carts to move them as well. As a supervisor the risk of injury has been substantially reduced since using these tuggers. We would not be without them!!"
      -Linda Fearn, E.S.S. Supervisor, Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH)

"I find the carts easier to move using the tugger as opposed to moving them manually."
      -Anna, Linen Services Worker, NRGH

"I absolutely love the tuggers! Having a previous elbow injury, the tugger has helped tremendously!"
      -Maureen, Linen Services Worker, NRGH

"They are great!! They save on repetetive moves."
      -Dave, Transportation Attendant, NRGH