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CEV Power Steering Kit - $875.00 (USD)

CEV Power Steering Kit Includes:
  • Power Steering Pump
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Reservoir
  • Relay
  • Breaker

We have been supplying this pump kit to the EV industry for over 20 years. We use it in all our conversions from the smallest cars up to our three ton NPR truck conversions. Perfect for street rods, race cars and custom vehicles with limited engine space. A 25 amp DC-DC converter & a 12 volt battery are required in the system to power this pump.

Technical Data
Voltage: 12V
Cont. Current: 12A
Peak Current: 60A
Min Pressure: 711psi
Max Pressure: 1000psi
Flow Rate: 1.7 gallon/min