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1998 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Conversion

The Swift conversion utilized a High Performance Golf Carts AC31 3-phase motor controlled by a Curtis AC controller. It was originally powered by a 96 volt bank of 114 amp-hour Discover lead acid batteries before being replaced with Thunder Sky 90 amp-hour lithium ion pack. The lead acid pack weighed 256 Kg and the lithium pack weighed 102.4 Kg, a difference of 153.6 Kg.

Suzuki Swift performance comparison of Lead Acid and Lithium Batteries:

From 0 to 60 Km/h, the lithium pack accelerated up to speed in less than one second sooner than the lead acid every time. The graphs show the current draw from the lithium batteries start off much lower before they stabilized at the lead acid levels. The lithium cells consumed approximately 4 amp-hours less each run, mostly due to the higher operating voltage and 60% less weight. Below the graph 50km/h maintained shows the amps used to travel at 50 Km/hr and averaged at 54.56 and 40.13 amps for the lead acid and lithium packs respectively. Even though the lead acid battery bank had a rated capacity of 114Ah, under regular driving conditions the pack only delivered between 25 to 30 usable amp-hours, only 26% of the rated value. At 55 Km/h the lead acid pack used 55.6 amps which suggested that the swift could run for approximately 54 hours giving a range of 29.7 Km. With the lithium pack the capacity rating of 90 Ah is very close to the available capacity and was used for the range calculations. Traveling at 50 Km/h the swift was using approximately 40 amps which indicated a possible range of 112.5 Km. This is 3.8 times the lead acid pack mostly due to the increased power density of the lithium ion cells, but also due to the high efficiency and light weight construction of the leading edge battery technology. The lithium pack consumed less current at that speed due to the higher operating voltage which decreases the amount of current necessary to provide the same amount of power.

October 2009

96 volt High Performance Golf Cart AC drive system, 90 ahr Thunder Sky Lithium battery pack with Battery Management System dual Delta-Q battery chargers and 30 amp DC-DC converter. Gauges include amp meter and EV Pro fuel gauge. Up to 200 amps of regen braking single speed drive with 85 km/hr top speed. Range of 40 - 60 km (range and speed would significantly increase with standard transmission). Power brakes, electric heat / defrost, retains back seat.