Might-E Truck
An electric powered mid-size work vehicle available in several configurations.
Might-E Tug
A multipurpose electric towing unit designed to move a variety of carts, bin, and equipment.
Might-E Cart
An electric powered utility cart for both indoor and outdoor use.

Designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components for over 20 years.

With world-wide sales, CANEV is a successful global business. Vehicles in service range in size from three ton aircraft refueling and LAV trucks to the Might-E Tug, an electric towing unit which tows a variety of carts and equipment weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The primary CANEV product is the Might-E Truck, a custom heavy duty electric utility vehicle. Might-E Trucks are in operation at universities, government sites, industries, parks, municipalities and private companies.  CANEV has successfully developed conversion packages for industrial vehicles such as ice resurfacing machines, construction equipment and many custom commercial vehicle projects.

Might-E Truck

Might-E Tug

Might-E Cart

Our Commitment to the Environment

We take environmental sustainability very seriously at Canadian Electric Vehicles.  We believe that our customers share with us the desire to make sound choices to minimize the environmental impact from our vehicles during their life cycle.  We build a product that is designed to be maintainable and upgradeable for a very long service life reducing the need to replace the vehicle.  We recycle, reuse and repurpose whenever possible during the manufacturing process.  We believe these values are essential for a sustainable future.


  • Fluorescent lighting replaced with super-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Separate stream recycling of cardboard, plastics and paper material.
  • Shop uses natural light panels to reduce lighting requirements.
  • Lubricants made from renewable base stocks. (Plant Based)

Previous Years

  • Converted from oil-fired heating to recycled waste vegetable oil with hydronic floor heat.
  • All non potable water is from rain water.
  • Office and parts building was built with a percentage of windfall milled wood from our site.
  • Office and parts building is off grid with inverter, battery bank and solar panels.
  • Office is equipped with large skylights negating the use of electric lights for 40% of the year.
  • All windows are low-E and argon filled.
  • Computer monitors are all low power LCD units.
  • Company car is pure electric with latest technology for all trips under 100km.
  • Company delivery truck runs on recycled waste vegetable oil.

Company Overview

Canadian Electric Vehicles (CEV) has been designing and manufacturing electric vehicles and electric vehicle components for 20 years. With sales in eight countries CEV is a successful global business. 

Over 250 vehicles are in service ranging in size from three ton aircraft refueling and LAV trucks to the Might-E Tug electric towing unit which was designed to reduce employee injuries by towing a variety of carts and equipment weighing up to 10,000 pounds.

The primary CEV product is the Might-E Truck, a custom heavy duty electric utility vehicle. There are over 50 Might-E Trucks in operation at Universities, Government Sites, Industries, Parks, Municipalities and private companies.

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  • The Might-E-Tuck carries all my tools and equipment very well and keeps it dry. I drove 46m (77km) on Friday, that is three trips across the island and back. My usual day is half that distance. I keep the truck plugged in everywhere I stop to work in order to allow me to drive all day. Thanks for your help in keeping me mobile, I love my truck.

    Wesley Mulvin Southern Gulf Electric Mayne Island
  • Sparky the Electric Truck is going to be famous! He's going to be on the website of the Minister of State for Climate Action.

    Michael Baxter, P. Eng. City Engineer City of Colwood
  • Last winter's storms brought down quite a few limbs and small trees. My standard sideboards are the 2x10s into the stake pockets. The side and rear rack you built for me made the full height plywood box a simple and stable adaptation. The dirty truck isn't too "spiffy" but my gravel road living makes clean anything a very short term proposition.

    Dave Heinlein
  • Thought I would take a moment to give you some feedback on the Mighty-E Truck to date. So far the Village crews are very happy with the performance of the vehicle and the run-time of the batteries. We had a pretty good chance to test the unit this past winter in fairly substantial snow conditions which we have not seen in the valley for a few years. For outdoor sports enthusiasts, it was great to see. The truck seemed to handle the snowy conditions very well and the batteries lasted for a full eight + hour shift, something our last electric vehicle could not do.We are very pleased with this product and the service we have received from Canadian Electric Vehicles. It makes our jobs that much easier. Thanks again for all the customer support your company provides.

    John Gysbers, Manager of Central Services Resort Municipality of Whistler, Member Partner, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
  • I thought you might be interested to see how we modified the unit for Materials Collection at the Zoo... The attached pics show her with her summer clothes on. In the winter, she sports a stylish Sander/Salter and keeps the walkways and paths of the Zoo clear of ice and snow.Working great through all weather conditions, and there are no complaints whatsoever from the staff.

    Steve Gilday Toronto Zoo
  • We have been using the tuggers at NRGH for the pulling of our linen totes ( both soiled and clean). Staff then inquired if they could use them for the pulling of the large linen supply carts. We had hitches installed on our linen supply carts and staff use them all the time for the moving of these carts. We are now looking forward to having hitches put on the food service carts to move them as well. As a supervisor the risk of injury has been substantially reduced since using these tuggers. We would not be without them!!

    Linda Fearn, E.S.S. Supervisor Nanaimo Regional General Hospital (NRGH)
  • I find the carts easier to move using the tugger as opposed to moving them manually.

    Anna, Linen Services Worker Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • I absolutely love the tuggers! Having a previous elbow injury, the tugger has helped tremendously!

    Maureen, Linen Services Worker Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • They are great!! They save on repetetive moves.

    Dave, Transportation Attendant Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
  • Very impressed with it from every angle....and my husband Bill loves it too even though he was very diffident about the whole idea of yet another Garden Cart for me!Love the controls - very straight forward, easy to learn in a few seconds, love the red brake pad in the middle, love the fact that same switch forward also runs the reverse in opposite direction, love the fact the key is on the underside for its protection (yes, I have removed the second key for safe keeping already!)Love the energy % guide on top, have yet to charge it up on battery - it now shows half full after usage for work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Love the idea of the hooter (not used yet as no-one here on island right now - great!)LOVE THE silence when it walks along and my Blue Heeler has not barked once - NO noise with its battery sound as my other cart always makes - great!)Love the SIZE of the yellow plastic bin - excellent, it took our two blue totes side by side plus other items, what a surprise! Later trips using it to beach I added my bungee cords and they looped over to hold the contents....piles of lumber, very well.Love the two grips on the handle, so sensible! Love the speed it goes at.Love the weight it will carry. I loaded with 2 heavy totes, plus other stuff on first try up from beach to our lot. Impossible to weigh contents then. Next loads contained lumber which I did weight and came to 8 long planks about 68 lbs only total - effortless - so lots more weight to get up to the 400 lb. limit. It went up our steep slope to house very well.Altogether I, and I can now add WE....are totally impressed with it! Very sturdily made and it should last us our lifetime at least 🙂

    Wendy Alert Bay, BC