Electric Vehicle Parts

We stock thousands of small and large parts – everything you need for electric vehicle conversions.

Over 3,000 parts in stock ready for next-day shipping!

Vehicle Specific Kits for S10, GEO, Swift, Neon, ECHO & Scion Generic Kits for Most Other Cars and Trucks We have parts for converting all types of vehicles: motorbikes, parade floats, bobcats, airport equipment, boats, airplanes and more.

Please e-mail randy@canev.com for pricing 

When you buy your conversion kit or individual parts from Canadian Electric Vehicles we provide technical support for your vehicle conversion. We have been installing these parts in our own conversions for over 20 years so we have an in depth knowledge of how they work best together. Many EV parts web sites can sell you the parts but have no or very little experience installing them so they cannot offer the after sales support most people need. Some suppliers do have the experience but don’t provide timely tech support. We usually can answer a tech question within 24hr and usually right away during business hrs. We provide electrical overview drawings so you know how all the parts interconnect. Some suppliers can offer generic overviews but ours can be customized to your specific system.

CEV has one of the largest stocks of EV Parts in North America. We can usually ship your order complete in one shipment.
Many online EV parts stores stock very little. They rely on drop shipping parts from the manufactures or other dealers. Drop shipping adds to your shipping cost and adds delays to your project. If you are buying from another country: multiple shipments. This also means multiple customs charges.