Ice Resurfacer

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rE-Surfacer operating cost per flood
Yearly Savings


  • 75 HP AC electric drive system
  • 28 KWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack – the longest lasting lithium technology available
  • On-board 6.6 KW charger
  • Level 2 EV charger port – plugs into a standard EV charging station
  • Negligible weight difference compared to propane or gas powered counterparts
  • 12V/50A on board converter to run 12V accessories
  • Controls and responsiveness are the same as with an internal combustion engine
  • Regenerative breaking slows the rE-surfacer when the throttle is released just like the compression braking of the original engine
  • Minimal drive system maintenance


Battery capacity allows 4-6 floods before a re-charge is needed, but it is recommended to charge between each use.

Recharge time after single cleaning:

    • 30 mins with standard 6.6KW charger
    • 15 mins with optional 13.2KW charger


  • The conversion Canadian Electric Vehicles did with our newest ice resurfacer was worked out very well for our operation and the machines performance has been excellent.

    Damon Johnston Arenas Manager City of Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture
  • The Zamboni has been a hit for arena staff and spectators but there was no hit to our wallet. The operational savings have exceeded our expectations as the arena saves about $11,000 annually for such items as propane, oil changes, maintenance and air monitoring. Over the past 4 years we have spent $250 on maintenance on the electric portion of the Zamboni.

    Gerry Little Arena Manager, Chilton Regional Arena