Everything You Need to Know

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A: We have vehicle-specific kits for the Chevy S10/S15, Ford Ranger, Geo Metro, Dodge Neon and New VW Beetle. CanEV also has generic kits which provide basic component parts for any vehicle. Canadian Electric Vehicles can supply all the basic electric drive systems for you to convert almost any vehicle however you would have to build all the vehicle specific parts (example: motor mounts and battery boxes). You would also have to deal with the increased weight of the vehicle by finding and adding heavier springs if you are using a large quantity of batteries. We cannot help with wiring other than the basic drive system. 


  • A 4 wheel drive vehicle ( meaning, a Jeep or Land Rover with an “old-school” transfer case ) may be converted however the added weight and drag of the 4 wheel drive system will likely reduce the driving range. 

  • An All Wheel Drive system may possibly be converted if the AWD system is not computer controlled. 

  • It is not practical to convert a large car or full-size truck due to their weight, although it is possible and will cost much more than a smaller vehicle. The electric drive and battery systems must be larger to get similar performance as the original. 

  • You are much better off in the end to buy a vehicle that we offer a kit for. The kits come with installation guides making the conversion relatively easy.