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For smaller cars, lower voltage systems are most economical.

Smaller, light vehicle have the advantage of providing the best opportunity for successful conversions, and the most economical. You can expect dutiful and reliable powerplants from lower voltage components available. Using horsepower as a comparison the EV Configurator motor options top out at approximately 130Hp or about 100KW. This is primarily limited by battery pack voltages that range up to 150 volts DC. (Note that HP comparisons to combustion engines are misleading as electric motors offer much higher torque from zero rpm.) These solutions are more than adequate for most passenger cars and light duty trucks.

For larger vehicles or performance applications — go commercial grade.

Larger vehicles, such as the big classic cars of the 30's through 80's or for work trucks or other high performance applications, higher voltage power plants are necessary. Electric powertrains for high performance applications equate with the best power and performance available from major OEMs -- but can come with options that are completely customizable to your project and preferences. Truly for special cars that will be kept for generations to come, or for commercial work vehicles these conversions are sophisticated and produce outstanding results. We do not sell high performance components to our DIY customers, but make them available through our direct commercial services or through authorized dealers. These components require installation by professionals.