“I wanted to say a hearty “Thanks” for the great products, service, and advice you & your staff have given me over the past 18 months. Thought I’d send along some photos of the finished product.”

“This is a ’97 ES-10 with 18 eight-volt Trojans with remote fillers from Flow-Rite Controls. I used a Curtis controller, which is fan-cooled inside an aluminum plenum underneath your control box. The truck still has airbags, ABS and speedo/odometer.

It hits 70mph with relative ease on the highway and is a pleasure to drive with your power steering and brake setups. We haven’t pushed the miles-between-charge yet, but I’ve gone 16 miles with lots of traffic lights, with good battery power still left.

I put clear Lexan boxes around the batteries to keep fingers out and keep the batteries clean. It seems to insulate them reasonably well for our climate in FL.”

Thanks again,