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AMC/Jeep Adapter Kits

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All adapters retain use of original clutch and fit most NetGain Hyper9, WARP 9 and HPEV AC34/AC35/AC50/AC51 Motors. Some adapter plates may have more or less bolt holes than your make and model of vehicle requires. As some adapters span a broad range of model years the adapter is designed to have enough bolt holes to be compatible with all model designs.

**All adapter kits come with required hardware**

**If using a Hyper 9 motor, you may also need a shaft collar spacer, click here to order**

Please check drawings below to confirm fitment before placing order.

Adapter Kits:

2.5L Iron Duke 4-Cylinder Adapter Kit

Adapter kit may fit these vehicles::

  • Jeep CJ
  • AMC Eagle
  • AMC Concord
  • AMC Spirit

Dimensional Drawing – To confirm this adapter fits your vehicle

Jeep 4/4.2L Inline 6 Adapter Kit

Adapter kit may fit these vehicles::

  • 1987-2001 Jeep Cherokee
  • 1993-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 1987-1990 Jeep Wagoneer
  • 1987-1992 Jeep Comanche
  • 1991-2006 Jeep Wrangler
  • 1971-1988 AMC Hornet/Concord/Eagle
  • 1975-1980 AMC Pacer
  • 1971-1978 AMC Matador
  • 1971-1983 AMC Gremlin and Spirit
  • 1972-1980 International Harvester Scout and Light Line trucks
  • 1972-1986 Jeep CJ
  • 1972-1986 Jeep Cherokee and Wagoneer
  • 1971-1988 Jeep J series trucks
  • 1987-1990 Jeep Wrangler
  • 1972-1973 Jeep Commando

Dimensional Drawing – To confirm this adapter fits your 4L vehicle

Dimensional Drawing – To confirm this hub fits your 4.2L vehicle

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