Curtis 1239e-8521 HPEVS 144V 500 AMP Controller

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Curtis 1239-8501 AC controller that operates at 120-170V. It can draw up to 500A producing up to 88HP and 108ft-lbs of torque. This kit works very well in a medium sized cars and lightweight vehicles. Features regenerative braking and idle function as well. At a modest 144 volts it makes a safer low voltage system that will give you lots of reliable EV miles. Available with after market Chill Plate adapter that allows for liquid cooling. Has a more horsepower heavy power curve than the 1238-7601.

*Harness and Display sold separately.


  • Max Current 500 Amps With Liquid Cooling (2 Min. Max)
  • Rated Power: 65 KW (88HP)
  • Input Voltage 120-170 Volts
  • Length: 10.82 Inch (275mm)
  • Width: 9.14 Inch (232mm)
  • Height: 3.15 Inch (80mm)
  • Weight: 5.45 Kg, 12 Lbs
  • Adjustable Max Output Voltage: 144
  • Switching Frequency: N/A
  • Brake Input Overrides: Yes
  • Error Output Warning Indicator: Yes
  • Precharge Circuit: Included
  • Computer Interface: Ethernet Port
  • Data Logging Capabilities: Yes
  • Tach Output: Yes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 Pulses
  • Limp home Mode: Yes, Controller Will Derate To Keep Pack Above Minimal Battery Voltage
  • Firmware Upgradable: Yes
  • Internal Contactor: No
  • Thermal Derating: Yes, Derates After Temperature Gets Above 80 Degrees Celsius (176 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Reverse Capability: Yes
  • Adjustable Acceleration (Slew Rate): Yes
  • Idle Function: Yes, 500-1500 RPM (Modern Vehicles Idle from 600-800 RPM)
  • Programmable Inputs: Yes
  • Programmable Outputs: Yes
  • Terminal Stud Size: 3/8 Inch
  • RPM Sensor: Internal
  • Max Efficiency: 88%
  • Thermal Cooling: Yes, Chill Plate Sold Separately