Orion BMS

Orion WiFi Remote Monitoring and Data Logging

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The Orion BMS Connect is an internet based remote monitoring system that enables monitoring battery packs through a web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Instant data, charts of recent history, and diagnostic information including recent events, fault codes, and freeze frame data are available. The device can also optionally log data to a local memory card and generate emailed alerts when certain events occur. Onboard memory allows this device to be used in certain mobile applications where data can be synchronized.


  • Monitors parameters in real time: Pack amperage, pack voltage, highest and lowest cell voltages and temperatures, pack state of charge, DTC codes including freeze-frame data.
  • Optional memory card data logging
  • Supports multiple WiFi protocols (802.11 b/g/n)
  • 12-48v DC power supply
  • Compatible with Orion BMS and CANBUS-enabled Orion Jr. BMS units